Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Define me

It comes to the point in which I look for an Identity:
a definition to the space that I take, the air that I breathe,
the molecules that form me, the person that I shall be.
Homo sapiens I am called by the greatest minds in science,
sapiens, which defines wise, yet there's nothing wise about my being.
I don't seek for the world's library, I seek for a manual of my life,
a definition of myself explained in simple words in which i could understand.
"A person, whose ultimate goal is to reproduce", the dictionary says,
but am I just a person who will double the number of this overpopulated planet,
or am I meant for a greater goal, a greater task.
1/6,765,853,864 a mathematician would say, but am I just a fraction
of what makes this world what it is?
A fraction of what makes it rotate on it's axis and around the sun?
A fraction of what is slowly killing Gaia, the beauty of the an empty space?
I myself stand around empty space as I rotate around a bright goal;
a goal that gravity won't let me reach.
Although the distance is big, the rays of light still shine upon my face,
exposing me to what once I thought was empty space.
I glance at my own reflection and try to define what has been in the dark,
for extended time.
It is true, I'm a fraction of the human population,
that does equal harm and good to the goddess of nature.
Yet some reject me from that fraction and put me on my own,
my eyes are no the "ideal" size, my skin is colored, tainted, impure they might say.
I am physically different, and do not appear like the ideal human.
To them I am deformed; deformed because I lack of characteristics that they favor.
Deformed because my speech is impaired, but this impairment I call accent.
My skin is impure because of the pain and suffering that I've endured,
and not because I am deformed or possessed by evil.
Don't define me as a fraction of the human population that still stand arrogant.
Define me as A person that seeks change to this undermined society.
Define me as A person that seeks acceptance in an alien land.
Define me as A person who has gone through the hardships of life, of being a minority.
Define me as A person who carries the history of my ancestors to younger generations.
Define me as A soldier who fights those who try to silence my story.
Define me as A visionary who spreads the possibility of a better future.
Define me as A son of my Mother and my Father, who remained silent for many years
of mistreatment.
Define me as A student who tries to better himself by gaining knowledge.
Define me as A person who stands proud next to those who share my blood; called brothers
Define me as A whole, along with my brothers who seek for the same goal, that same sun that shines upon our planet shines upon our hearts.
Define me as Pi Delta Psi!

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