Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Define me

It comes to the point in which I look for an Identity:
a definition to the space that I take, the air that I breathe,
the molecules that form me, the person that I shall be.
Homo sapiens I am called by the greatest minds in science,
sapiens, which defines wise, yet there's nothing wise about my being.
I don't seek for the world's library, I seek for a manual of my life,
a definition of myself explained in simple words in which i could understand.
"A person, whose ultimate goal is to reproduce", the dictionary says,
but am I just a person who will double the number of this overpopulated planet,
or am I meant for a greater goal, a greater task.
1/6,765,853,864 a mathematician would say, but am I just a fraction
of what makes this world what it is?
A fraction of what makes it rotate on it's axis and around the sun?
A fraction of what is slowly killing Gaia, the beauty of the an empty space?
I myself stand around empty space as I rotate around a bright goal;
a goal that gravity won't let me reach.
Although the distance is big, the rays of light still shine upon my face,
exposing me to what once I thought was empty space.
I glance at my own reflection and try to define what has been in the dark,
for extended time.
It is true, I'm a fraction of the human population,
that does equal harm and good to the goddess of nature.
Yet some reject me from that fraction and put me on my own,
my eyes are no the "ideal" size, my skin is colored, tainted, impure they might say.
I am physically different, and do not appear like the ideal human.
To them I am deformed; deformed because I lack of characteristics that they favor.
Deformed because my speech is impaired, but this impairment I call accent.
My skin is impure because of the pain and suffering that I've endured,
and not because I am deformed or possessed by evil.
Don't define me as a fraction of the human population that still stand arrogant.
Define me as A person that seeks change to this undermined society.
Define me as A person that seeks acceptance in an alien land.
Define me as A person who has gone through the hardships of life, of being a minority.
Define me as A person who carries the history of my ancestors to younger generations.
Define me as A soldier who fights those who try to silence my story.
Define me as A visionary who spreads the possibility of a better future.
Define me as A son of my Mother and my Father, who remained silent for many years
of mistreatment.
Define me as A student who tries to better himself by gaining knowledge.
Define me as A person who stands proud next to those who share my blood; called brothers
Define me as A whole, along with my brothers who seek for the same goal, that same sun that shines upon our planet shines upon our hearts.
Define me as Pi Delta Psi!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


The Olympics.
I've always been a fan of the olympics, never missed one since the day that I had some knowledge of it. I like it specially because it is not political, and the concept of bringing many nations together and compete peacefully. Although not a way to solve differences, it is for sure a way to bring the sense of unity to every person who enjoys them. It amazes me to see a local tradition that started in Athens as a way to honoring their Gods, became an international event which the host and the spectators are us. Beijing 2008 are the 29th Olympiads (of the modern time), and is not surprise that China will be using this opportunity to boost themselves up to become a world power. From what I heard George W. Bush is the first U.S. president to attend an olympic event outside the United States, apparently China did put a lot of pressures in many heads of states. So far Beijing 2008 seems to be a success, there have been plots against China but from what my mom tells me, Chinese officials are very determined to hunt down anybody who causes harm to the nation.
The opening ceremony was amazing, the best one from all the ones that I've seen, it was a very creative and well planned event. It was very well coordinated, the countdown display was 100% man made and manually controlled in the form of drums that glow when touched , and the lighting of the torch was an unexpected surprise. This must be the best opening ceremony so far, it seems like the Chinese invested a lot of money and time for this event. Hopefully this events goes well until the end of the closing ceremony and the Chinese should expect a faster grow of their country in many different aspects.
I shall be cheering for China, U.S and Mexico. During the next few weeks I will keep myself busy sitting in front of the television watching the diving, swimming, running, table tennis, and the judo competitions. Not that I will miss the rest just that those are the ones that I enjoy the most.
Hopefully the olympics have a good turn out and the theme of China, "One dream one world", become a possibility rather than just a theme.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer 08.

It is the same summer breeze of previous years, the same smell of the rotten fish and garbage flowing down the street. The strong scent of pollution that brings me tears, and not to mention the summer heat. This summer, like every other is just the same, blasting air conditioner in an empty room, an empty house, while the whole family spends the evening out. Spending nights at a park speaking of nothing, opening our mouths to release a cigarette cloud. This summer is just the same, it is dull and slow, with the final rush coming at the end. The desire to enjoy the last weeks of a long summer, but not knowing what to do when that ambition comes. "Let's go surfing, skydiving, bungee jumping, gliding", those are some options of us all, but when we finally wake from a long night, 3:00p.m already is, another day is soon gone, and summer is still dull. This summer is not the same, because we no longer play our childhood games, don't expect a group of grown ups running around the park playing tag. We do get that moment that we feel like running after each other, but we lose it once we see that we can no longer run as much as we used to. This summer is not the same, is not the same people, not the same place, we no longer spend our days at that bakery space, we no longer have the people who once we thought were our friends. It is just us, and another summer is gone. Maybe next summer, it will all be the same.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whos the naughtiest nurse in this clinic.

Who else but Shijia Chen, she got that sexy outfit with the loosen buttons. *wink*
But seriously she's been away for too long, I mean seriously whats there to do in Taiwan? I bet it is much more fun to stay home with me haha. Cause honestly I'd much rather do that than being in a club every friday. I'd much rather get drunk with her than getting drunk in a bar and passing out in the streets, this way if we pass out we pass out holding each other =D. She's coming back next sunday and just by knowing how close that date is makes me miss her even more.
I would write more but there are just things that I can't write in public so expect them in a mail. =D, just leave the rest for the imagination people!
But seriously I'm tired of webcaming come back home and let's get the real stuff goin'. lol jk.

Numb Thumb, Broken Camera, 2 parking tickets = New Camera

So after getting drunk, broken my camera, and waking up to two parking tickets and a numb thumb, I decided that i will keep drinking. I will not however, bring my new baby out do a drunk night. After looking at the broken lcd of my A590 for 1 night, the next morning I decided to run to Best Buy and get the PowerShow S5 IS: a bridge digital camera, 8mp, 12x zoom, and a Full set of manual controls. The best part is that it comes with a hotshoe and with the possibility of adding lenses. The quality is amazing, and it is a very quiet camera. I will post some pictures later, or just go to my fb.

As with my old camera I will order a new LCD screen for $40 from the Canon store and replace it myself. I'm gonna carry that camera with me whenever I know that I will get extremely drunk while the new camera stays safe at home. I will still die for an Canon EOS if anybody is willing to buy me one haha. JK. BTW: this is my 9th camera since 2001.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New York.

"There are roughly three New Yorks. There is, first, the New York of the man or woman who was born here, who takes the city for granted and accepts its size and its turbulence as natural and inevitable. Second, there is the New York of the commuter—the city that is devoured by locusts each day and spat out each night. Third, there is the New York of the person who was born somewhere else and came to New York in quest of something. Commuters give the city its tidal restlessness; natives give it solidity and continuity; but the settlers give it passion."

E.B. White, Here is New York (1948)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mike says: Mirame a la cara.

I came across something really funny. It is a xanga post from an old friend *cough cough Miguel* When I showed it to him he started laughin, now he accepts that "he aint a pimp" but it took him 3 years to find that out? wow thats pretty sad. hahaha!

"frigtening friday july o1, 2oo5

yeah i noe its been mad long since the alst time i wrote but i just ahvent ahd the time...well enuff of this crap lets go straight to the point, last time i wrote i mentioned i was training myself to be more succesful wif women eventho i dun need to cuz i already am but you noe improving a lil bit wont hurt, and yes i have become better talking to ppland understandin wut they want, now if any gurl is readi i wunt u to answer this question do u really care if a guy is watching porn? and wut would u think of him is u caught him while watching it? cuz gosh it just happened to me and im a lil bit embarrased... and believe me about every guy on the planet watches porn ."

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