Saturday, July 26, 2008

Numb Thumb, Broken Camera, 2 parking tickets = New Camera

So after getting drunk, broken my camera, and waking up to two parking tickets and a numb thumb, I decided that i will keep drinking. I will not however, bring my new baby out do a drunk night. After looking at the broken lcd of my A590 for 1 night, the next morning I decided to run to Best Buy and get the PowerShow S5 IS: a bridge digital camera, 8mp, 12x zoom, and a Full set of manual controls. The best part is that it comes with a hotshoe and with the possibility of adding lenses. The quality is amazing, and it is a very quiet camera. I will post some pictures later, or just go to my fb.

As with my old camera I will order a new LCD screen for $40 from the Canon store and replace it myself. I'm gonna carry that camera with me whenever I know that I will get extremely drunk while the new camera stays safe at home. I will still die for an Canon EOS if anybody is willing to buy me one haha. JK. BTW: this is my 9th camera since 2001.

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