Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whos the naughtiest nurse in this clinic.

Who else but Shijia Chen, she got that sexy outfit with the loosen buttons. *wink*
But seriously she's been away for too long, I mean seriously whats there to do in Taiwan? I bet it is much more fun to stay home with me haha. Cause honestly I'd much rather do that than being in a club every friday. I'd much rather get drunk with her than getting drunk in a bar and passing out in the streets, this way if we pass out we pass out holding each other =D. She's coming back next sunday and just by knowing how close that date is makes me miss her even more.
I would write more but there are just things that I can't write in public so expect them in a mail. =D, just leave the rest for the imagination people!
But seriously I'm tired of webcaming come back home and let's get the real stuff goin'. lol jk.


shijia said...

muah bb. i miss you. can't wait to see you and jump on you LOL hehEHE!! MUAH <3

Princess Lucy said...

awwww how cute syands lol

Cindy L said...

oh what a cute blog :)

SK said...

that's sweet