Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer 08.

It is the same summer breeze of previous years, the same smell of the rotten fish and garbage flowing down the street. The strong scent of pollution that brings me tears, and not to mention the summer heat. This summer, like every other is just the same, blasting air conditioner in an empty room, an empty house, while the whole family spends the evening out. Spending nights at a park speaking of nothing, opening our mouths to release a cigarette cloud. This summer is just the same, it is dull and slow, with the final rush coming at the end. The desire to enjoy the last weeks of a long summer, but not knowing what to do when that ambition comes. "Let's go surfing, skydiving, bungee jumping, gliding", those are some options of us all, but when we finally wake from a long night, 3:00p.m already is, another day is soon gone, and summer is still dull. This summer is not the same, because we no longer play our childhood games, don't expect a group of grown ups running around the park playing tag. We do get that moment that we feel like running after each other, but we lose it once we see that we can no longer run as much as we used to. This summer is not the same, is not the same people, not the same place, we no longer spend our days at that bakery space, we no longer have the people who once we thought were our friends. It is just us, and another summer is gone. Maybe next summer, it will all be the same.



lolcrzgrl said...

summer are always long... long long... u are right. seems like many things change over time. we are growing up and many things change, people, activities. blah blah... but you know that there are always those real friends who stay with you/. yu know who they are. =] lol.

shijia said...

its okay. i am ur new friend :D *patpat*