Saturday, August 9, 2008


The Olympics.
I've always been a fan of the olympics, never missed one since the day that I had some knowledge of it. I like it specially because it is not political, and the concept of bringing many nations together and compete peacefully. Although not a way to solve differences, it is for sure a way to bring the sense of unity to every person who enjoys them. It amazes me to see a local tradition that started in Athens as a way to honoring their Gods, became an international event which the host and the spectators are us. Beijing 2008 are the 29th Olympiads (of the modern time), and is not surprise that China will be using this opportunity to boost themselves up to become a world power. From what I heard George W. Bush is the first U.S. president to attend an olympic event outside the United States, apparently China did put a lot of pressures in many heads of states. So far Beijing 2008 seems to be a success, there have been plots against China but from what my mom tells me, Chinese officials are very determined to hunt down anybody who causes harm to the nation.
The opening ceremony was amazing, the best one from all the ones that I've seen, it was a very creative and well planned event. It was very well coordinated, the countdown display was 100% man made and manually controlled in the form of drums that glow when touched , and the lighting of the torch was an unexpected surprise. This must be the best opening ceremony so far, it seems like the Chinese invested a lot of money and time for this event. Hopefully this events goes well until the end of the closing ceremony and the Chinese should expect a faster grow of their country in many different aspects.
I shall be cheering for China, U.S and Mexico. During the next few weeks I will keep myself busy sitting in front of the television watching the diving, swimming, running, table tennis, and the judo competitions. Not that I will miss the rest just that those are the ones that I enjoy the most.
Hopefully the olympics have a good turn out and the theme of China, "One dream one world", become a possibility rather than just a theme.


Anonymous said...

hey! maybe i'll jump off the chute in the middle of all this! lolz.

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it's just a dream. or... a nightmare