Friday, July 11, 2008

Mike says: Mirame a la cara.

I came across something really funny. It is a xanga post from an old friend *cough cough Miguel* When I showed it to him he started laughin, now he accepts that "he aint a pimp" but it took him 3 years to find that out? wow thats pretty sad. hahaha!

"frigtening friday july o1, 2oo5

yeah i noe its been mad long since the alst time i wrote but i just ahvent ahd the time...well enuff of this crap lets go straight to the point, last time i wrote i mentioned i was training myself to be more succesful wif women eventho i dun need to cuz i already am but you noe improving a lil bit wont hurt, and yes i have become better talking to ppland understandin wut they want, now if any gurl is readi i wunt u to answer this question do u really care if a guy is watching porn? and wut would u think of him is u caught him while watching it? cuz gosh it just happened to me and im a lil bit embarrased... and believe me about every guy on the planet watches porn ."

References: Miguel's Xanga -


Sage said...

Lil boys are embarrassed of expressing their sexual persona =/
but eventually they grow of of it and begin to express it

Anonymous said...

hahaha i cant believe that happened... well in my opinion is not that important to see a guy watching porn... its abnormal if they dont! lolz you have to be right! about every guy in this planet watches porn XD