Thursday, July 10, 2008

Typing my voice out.

It's been years since the last public post in my xanga page. I decided to pick up my writing again, in a much simpler page and in a much simpler way. There has been a lot of changes in my life, and the only reason that everybody else knows about these changes is because of facebook. I found facebook to be a very useful tool for keeping track of friends and a very effective method of stalking my friends and knowing almost everything about their lives. People can tell their lives with photo albums, relationship status, and what I would call spam on their walls from people who have nothing better to do (myself being one of those people).

But I believe that facebook is nothing more but another contact list, and a spotlight for attentionwhores. People who like to have hundreds of pictures posted just so that their friends can see what is going on with their lives. Again I am one of those people, it is not just for attention but also to keep friends updated, so they know what is new with my life.

After xanga went extinct, I decided not express myself by writing, instead I used pictures, photoshop, I manipulated photos to fit my moods, the occasion, the weather. Now I carry a camera with me all the time, hoping to have that Kodak moment that I want to save and show everyone. But there are always those times that a camera and a right place and right time (more like a wrong place, wrong time) becomes a hazard. For example the other night I was driving in I-278 E when I saw a car on fire, I had this urge to take out my camera and take a picture, but my camera was in the backseat, and reaching for it would definitely cause another car to lit on fire. That's why I decided to write again. Write about those moments that cannot be stored in a camera, or write a story about a picture instead of making a story from 60 pictures.


Sage said...

Ever heard of dont drink and drive?
well dont shoot and drive! lol
unless your in an action movie =/
well, I cant say that we share the same practices for services such as facebook and myspace, but I do agree with what you are saying.
Nowadays building a network of friends is leteraly true with the new advances in technology, and more people are being dragged into this world every passing day. For everything we do in life, however, there's pros and cons, so I suggest you make a list for your next post! It can be very helpful!


hi syands!! reading your entry is gona make me write in my blog about things that are actually important lolol

Anonymous said...

damn this is inspiring!